Serena Williams is (Predictably) Back in Her Shorts at Two Weeks Postpartum

In a move that surprises, one, Serena Williams has already managed to bounce back at just two weeks postpartum. Dang, mama!

We've all heard that working out often throughout pregnancy can make recovering and getting back into shape in the postpartum period much easier. Well, ladies, this just gives us another reason to believe that adage: Serena Williams—who kept at her prenatal workouts with incredible dedication—has already managed to get back into her shorts at just two weeks postpartum.

The tennis champ (an avid Snapchat user!) shared a snap of herself wearing a pair of denim shorts along with "back in my jean shorts 2 weeks..." written across the image. Um, wow. The brand new mama looks absolutely amazing—especially when you consider she just gave birth to her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian, on September 1. 

But don't stress if you're not hitting that mark yet. Let's not forget that all women look different before, during and after pregnancy—and if other mamas aren't slipping back into pre-pregnancy clothes two weeks, two months or two years after they give birth, well, that doesn't mean they aren't in fantastic shape. It's multifactorial: Your genes, your diet, your breastfeeding habits, your pregnancy weight gain, and yes, your prenatal fitness can all affect how your bounce back will look. And that's not an exhaustive list!

Is Serena promoting something unrealistic by sharing this photo? We'd say no—for plenty of mamas out there, bouncing back like this within two weeks is realistic. While we have to give it up for Serena, who was a total boss during her pregnancy (casually winning championships, working out regularly and planning a post-baby athletic comeback), we also have to remind all the other new mamas out there that she's preternaturally fit (being athletic is kind of her job) and maintaining a certain diet and exercise routine are essential to her career. We're guessing no one is surprised she bounced back so quickly, because, well, this is Serena freakin' Williams we're discussing.

The bottom line? There's no one way to look after you give birth. So whether you have a lightning-fast bounce back like this fit mama or something a bit more gradual, it’s all good. Serena's post-baby body is amazing, yes. But we're more impressed by this mama's athleticism, talent, healthy lifestyle and love for her baby than we are by her pant size.