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Catherine Bell pulls double duty on naval drama JAG.

Catherine Bell, a star in CBS’ military courtroom drama JAG, also can be seen on the big screen in late May in Bruce Almighty, the newest comedy starring Jim Carrey. We caught up with 33-year-old Bell, who is married to TV producer Adam Beason, when she was six months pregnant with their first child, a girl.

Fit Pregnancy: We hear you’re working 16-hour days. Catherine Bell: Lately I’m getting out a little earlier. The rest of the cast worked 16 hours yesterday, and I only ended up working 141/2 …

Oh, well, that’s a relief. Not.

Whenever I can, I nap in my trailer. I have my 42-inch plasma TV there and all my foods in the fridge.

Any food that you’ve craved? In my first trimester, it was all about Grape-Nuts. One day on the set we ran out and I was, like, “Oh, my God …”

You’ve always been athletic; what do you do for exercise? Free weights and Pilates and a bit of yoga. I wish I could do more yoga, but my work schedule is crazy. We recently moved to Malibu, so on weekends I walk on the beach.

You’re 5 foot 9 and normally pretty curvy. Have giant boobs been an issue for you?

I joke that the distribution of my weight gain is 8 pounds in my belly and 8 in each breast. The first month, I had just started working on Bruce Almighty. The costumer kept saying, “So, you’re a 38DD?” And I said, “No, no, I’m a 36C.” He was hard of hearing, so he’d say, “E? You’re an E?” I wanted to say, “I’m pregnant. These aren’t my real breasts, OK?”

You and your husband are known for your love of motorcycles. Are you still riding?

No, but I rode for the first three months. We’ll have our girl on a bike by the time she’s 3. I’m serious. [Designer] Wendy Bellissimo is doing an Italian countryside theme for the nursery with a Vespa in the mural. Motorcycles are a huge part of our lives—we have nine. My favorite is a Honda racing bike.

You race motorcycles?

No. But I race cars. I came in third in the Grand Prix celebrity race in Long Beach [California], the fastest girl there.

Have pregnancy hormones sent you into mood swings?

Not really. If I’d gotten pregnant 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have been this calm. But I’ve done lot of work on myself. I even wrote down the healthy pregnancy I wanted to have—which is what I do with a lot of my goals. For example, I wrote that I wanted a part on a dramatic series and it should be that of a strong, independent, intelligent woman. I wanted some action, because I’d been kickboxing. And eight months later I got the female lead on JAG.

Any last-minute advice for other pregnant women?

Just enjoy the journey. It’s a beautiful one.