Some Guy Tried to Tell Sarah Hyland She's Pregnant And She Handled it Like a Boss

Some Twitter troll just decided to mansplain to Sarah Hyland that she's pregnant. Ridiculous, right? Her response was epic.

Sarah Hyland Pregnancy Rumor DFree/Shutterstock
Newsflash: It's not cool to ask a woman if she's pregnant, and it's DEFINITELY not acceptable to tell her she's expecting. Unfortunately, one Twitter used didn't seem to get that memo: He tweeted at Modern Family star Sarah Hyland to tell her he thinks she's pregnant, and the move was every bit as weird and invasive as it sounds.

"@Sarah_Hyland Based off your facial structure in recent episodes of Modern Family I think you are pregnant," the user wrote. 

Yeah, we're scratching our heads over this one too. 

But Sarah took it all in stride; she even responded with a tweet of her own. "I should probably check on that..." she replied.

It's easy to chalk this up to another example of unsolicited interference in a celebrity's life, but there's more going on here. Sarah—and every other other woman—deserves ownership over her body. No one has the right to weigh in on matters like these. If a woman is pregnant, she can deal with that and break the news on her own terms. If she's not, telling her she "appears" to be carrying a baby isn't exactly a polite thing to do.

Allegedly, this Twitter user isn't the only person who is starting rumors about this very topic: he also linked to a site that claims she's expecting. We've said it once and we'll say it again: Celebrities don't deserve this sort of speculation—and yet so, so many of them are constantly facing down rumors of their pregnancies (seriously, if we hear one more tabloid report that Jennifer Aniston is "secretly expecting," we're going to scream).

There are countless reasons someone might "seem" pregnant to you, and many of them have absolutely nothing to do with the matter at hand—and, more importantly, there are so many reasons she might not want to field these questions. Maybe she's self conscious about weight gain, dealing with infertility, suffering through a miscarriage or choosing not to have kids. Or, maybe she really is pregnant and just isn't ready to let people know. Whatever the case may be, the only people who can claim this sort of control over the issue are the woman, her partner and her doctor. Everyone else can just take a seat.