Southern Belle

What actress and model Molly Sims learned from her own mom about being a mother. Plus, go behind-the-scenes with Molly at our June/July cover shoot!


Best known for her role as Delinda on Las Vegas (which ran for five years on NBC; currently on TNT) and her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue appearances, Molly Sims is expecting her first baby (a boy) with producer husband Scott Stuber. Born and raised in Kentucky, Sims, 39, has been modeling since 19, and also is an ambassador for Operation Smile, an international children's medical charity. Here, Sims reveals her unexpected craving, her favorite baby gear and what her parents got right.

Fit Pregnancy: So, as a mom-to-be, how are you feeling?

Molly Sims: I'm seven months pregnant and feeling good for the most part. I've had some back issues and got food poisoning a week ago. My doctor says pregnant women are more susceptible to bacteria. Besides that, I'm doing OK. I'm definitely slowing down. I'm also noticing the nesting instinct is starting to kick in. We're getting the nursery together, and I'm trying to figure out what the baby needs without getting overwhelmed. For a first-time mom, it's hard to figure out what you will and won't really use. I am putting a bed in the nursery so I can breastfeed more easily at night, and a great glider.

Q| What other baby gear are you considering?

A| My husband and I are both tall and love the Orbit Baby system because of the swivel car seat (much easier to get the baby in and out for us), but I think we'll get a Bugaboo stroller to use in New York. I got the Boon Naked bathtub, and I'm loving Earth Mama Angel Baby body care products. I know I will need a breast pump, too.

Q| What's your diet like these days?

A| I'm trying to be really healthy, and I've switched to a mostly plant-based diet. I met Cody Chaet, the vegan chef at Café Gratitude in Los Angeles, and he has been teaching me so much—and not just about eating. He believes that when you're pregnant, because you're so interested in being healthier than ever, why not take it a step further: Instead of just recycling, try composting, too. Lately, I've been craving foods that are cold and crunchy. I'm not a huge apple lover, but I just think about a chilled apple and my mouth starts watering. I also love fries and pizza— the carbs in both helped with my morning sickness early on.

Q| What are you doing for exercise?

A| I've been working with trainer Tracy Anderson (she's pregnant, too) and doing low-impact cardio, a band workout for my arms and some leg work. I've had to adjust to being pregnant—today I was tired and did just 15 minutes—and I'm wearing a belly brace for support. So far, my weight gain hasn't been too bad.

Q| What designers are you wearing these days?

A| I have an A Pea In The Pod stretchy camisole I love, and I have been living in my Splendid hot pink tie-dye skirt. I love anything really stretchy, especially pieces from Rachel Pally and Ella Moss. One thing I've learned is that while you're pregnant, if you wear tight-fitting clothes, you look thinner. At first everything felt really itchy, so I had to be picky. I also didn't want to spend too much on maternity clothes, so I bought just six skirts and six dresses. And, I splurged on a pair of silk pajamas.

Q| Do you have a birth plan?

A| Yes, but I know it depends on the situation. My OB-GYN is Michelle Hakakha, who co-wrote Expecting 411 (Windsor Peak Press). She's really knowledgeable and doesn't make you feel guilty about anything. She tells me, "You're not going to get a medal for any of this, so don't hold on too tight to any plan or you could be disappointed." I have a doula, Lori Bregman, creator of Rooted For Life, to help during and after the birth, and I start interviewing pediatricians this month.

Q| What kind of mother do you think you'll be?

A| I'm going to be very hands-on. I have three dogs (a white Lab and two Yorkies), and I am quite maternal and empathetic with my animals, so I can only imagine how I'll feel with my kids. I know I'll be really protective; even now I cover up my belly when I watch Law & Order so he can't hear it. My mom is my best friend now, but she wasn't when I was growing up. She let me tell her things without judging me—but she didn't want to be me or be my friend. It's important for your children to look up to you, and they need discipline. Here's an example: When my brother and I were 12 and 13, [my parents pretended that] the phone wouldn't work after 7 o'clock at night. We couldn't figure out why! My parents were fun-loving but expected a lot from us. I hope I will be like that.