Star Moms: Kelly Preston's Feeling Groovy


Actress Kelly Preston (For the Love of the Game, Jack Frost, Jerry Maguire) has been married for eight years to megastar John Travolta. Their son, Jett, is 8. We caught up with Preston when she was six months pregnant with baby No. 2 and in the throes of a major chocolate craving.

Fit Pregnancy: So talk to us...

Kelly Preston: Well, it was going fine until the second trimester, when, boom! I got this See's candy craving. I was given a box for Christmas, and I hoarded those suckers like there was no tomorrow. Then someone brought me Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Oh, my God! Other than that, I've been really good.

FP: What about when you were pregnant with Jett?

KP: With Jett, I had a definite caviar craving. Then there was the Campbell's chicken noodle soup and chocolate-mint ice cream craving. And Spam. Everybody was like, "Eeeuuww, Spam." But if you slice it really thin, it's better than bacon.

FP: Caviar to Spam. You covered the waterfront. What about aversions? Anything icking you out?

KP: Right now, smells really gross me out. Another thing — and this is one of my normal idiosyncrasies, but it's more extreme than usual — I don't like cubed food.

FP: Say what?

KP: Cubed meat, cubed cheese. Square food. Chef's salad at the cafeteria. I'm sorry, food isn't meant to be square.

FP: How does your husband relate to all this?

KP: He's so used to me that he just rolls his eyes. Although I must say, square doesn't bother me in stew.

FP: This is obviously an entire philosophy. Are Jell-O cubes OK?

KP: Jell-O's OK. And if they cube the apples in, say, an apple tart, that's OK (laughing). Sadly enough, I'm serious about this.

FP: Any hormone-related emotional meltdowns, other than the cube issue?

KP: I had one mini-breakdown before our annual Christmas party. About 60 people were supposed to come over to the house at 7:30. At 7:25, I hated how I looked in everything. My husband would say, "Honey, I really love you in this one." And I'd go (mock sobbing), "You do n-o-o-ooot! You lied! You said you loved me in the other o-o-one!" He was a saint — running downstairs to greet the guests, then running back upstairs to talk to me.

FP: How did you resolve it?

KP: I felt better after half an hour of crying. Naturally.

FP: When you found out you were pregnant, how did John react?

KP: The first time, he was out of town, and I didn't want to tell him on the phone. I had it all planned. It was going to be like an "I Love Lucy" episode. We would be at home on the couch, hugging and kissing ...

FP: ... definitely very '50s sitcom ...

KP: Except that I told him at the airport at baggage claim. I couldn't help it. And he started crying at the airport. It was great. He really is the best man in the whole world.

FP: What about this time?

KP: He was away shooting Battlefield Earth. So when he was due home, I wrapped up the little EPT test — you know, the pee-on-the-stick thing — like it was a present. He opened it up and thought it was something to test the water. So I had to just tell him.

FP: All right, let's get down to it. Are you enjoying your temporary set of giant boobs?

KP: I gotta say, my husband lo-o-oooves it when I'm pregnant. He's like, "Wow! How long do we get these? Do we have to give them back?"

FP: What about exercise? This is, after all, Fit Pregnancy ...

KP: ... How fit am I?

FP: You got it, darlin'.

KP: I've been doing yoga a couple of days a week, and I also try to get on the treadmill. I'm having a daughter, by the way. But you can't tell anyone.

FP: Our lips are sealed.

[A pleasant male voice calls from the other room.]

KP: Oops, Johnny's waiting. We're due at my OB-GYN appointment. Gotta go!