Stars Are Like Us! Kerry Washington Swaps Maternity Clothes with Jessica Alba

Who wants to spend money on a whole new wardrobe?

Kerry Washington, Jessica Alba Instagram

Want to know how Kerry Washington manages to stay so stylish while pregnant? It's handled.

The Scandal actress appears on the cover of In Style this monthand she doesn't hold back her top tips for making maternity style work both on screen and off. Spoiler alert: She relies on the help of a certain uber stylish celebrity mom from time to time.

Kerry is pregnant with her second child (she already has a daughter, Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha) but is still hard at work on Scandal. She plays ultimate girl boss Olivia Pope, keeper of one of the best wardrobes on primetime TV. Anyone who's ever tuned in to the show, which is in its sixth season, knows that Kerry's character is partial to a good pantsuit...which isn't exactly the most pregnancy-friendly garment. But Scandal's team finds a way to make it work.

"There's nothing high-end for professional women who are pregnant," Kerry shares. "So for the show, we wind up just buying the same clothes. We will cut out the front of Armani trousers and put in a pregnancy panel. That's what we do for everything."

Having famous friends who have managed to nail pregnancy style in their own lives helps as well. Kerry also shares that she manages to get her hands on maternity hand-me-downs from Jessica Alba. 

"She told me she had this box of maternity clothes that she would ship from girlfriend to girlfriend. I was like, 'Can I have it?'" Kerry says. "And then I started doing it as well. I'm not getting clothes back that I wore the first time. Everybody adds cute stuff to the box. You're less afraid to spend money because you feel that a lot of people are going to use it."

Unfortunately, we can't all wear Armani pants or help ourselves to Jessica Alba's wardrobe, but that doesn't mean we can't take a few lessons in maternity style from Kerry and her friends. Passing maternity clothes from friend to friend is actually pretty genius—after all, there's no sense in investing too much money on items that you'll only need for a few months. Do you swap maternity clothes with fellow mamas? Do you swear by any other maternity style hacks? Tell us everything!