Stephanie Ruhle

Bloomberg TV's Stephanie Ruhle takes stock of motherhood.


Stephanie Ruhle is no stranger to hard work. The mother of two boys—Harrison, 6, and Reese, 4— rose through the ranks in the highly competitive financial world and is currently the co-anchor of Bloomberg Television's Market Makers. Due in April with her "¨third child (it's a girl!), Ruhle says this of motherhood:"¨ "I truly believe that it takes a village. It never behooves anyone to be Wonder Woman." Here, Ruhle riffs on working moms, the importance of sleep and the power of girls.

Fit Pregnancy: How has your lifestyle changed since becoming pregnant?

Stephanie Ruhle: Pregnancy forces you to put your health first."¨ For so many career women who are also mothers,"¨ our own well-being comes last. But when you take the time to make your health a priority, other parts of your life will fall into line. I don't skip meals. I make sure I get a ton of sleep. I try to take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever I can. And I hope I can force myself to keep that going once my daughter is born.

Q| As a new mom, how did your attitude toward work change?

A| When I first started working, I thought I would have a career in my 20s and a family in my 30s. But when I got pregnant with my first, I was really just hitting my stride professionally. That's when I realized it wasn't an either/or decision. Having the responsibilities of family life forced me to drown out office politics and focus on delivering my best at home and work.

Q| You're involved in nonprofit work. Which organization speaks to you most as a mom?

A| I want everyone's kids to get a fair shot in this world, and that's what Girls Inc. of New York City does. My parents made me believe I could go for anything.

If we can help girls believe in themselves, we are moving the needle. I'm passionate about women's leadership and advancement for girls, and I'm so glad to have a daughter who will be able to experience this with me.

Q| What's your best advice for new moms?

A| Whether it's about breastfeeding or getting the baby to sleep or getting your body back, don't over-stress. As a new mom, you always want to get it exactly right. But don't be so hard on yourself, because with few exceptions, it's all going to work out.

Q| What was your first birth like?

A| Giving birth is anxiety inducing. With my first son, I had a doula. I was going into a situation where I, and my husband, had no experience and I wanted an advocate. It was great to have someone in the delivery room whom I trusted.

Q| What will you do differently with your third baby than you did with your first?

A| I'm going to try to keep things as simple as I can this time. New moms are big consumers, and you don't need to be. What I want to be with this baby is not overly fussy. I don't need custom bedding. I need my daughter to be happy and loved.

Q| How do you reconnect with your family after a day at the studio?

A| Dinner at home. It's one thing that I really try to do because my schedule doesn't allow me to always drop off or pick up my boys. While you're actually sitting down for dinner, that's when things come out about my day at work or my kids' day at school. We don't have it every night, but it's important to have it as much as we can.

Q| How do you stay in shape?

A| For my previous pregnancies, I made a commitment to swimming and doing yoga. But for my third, I just don't have time. Last year, I did a story for Bloomberg TV on JCore (, a 20-minute workout. I can do it at home and, as hard as it is for me to be away from my Blackberry, I can always take 20 minutes.

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