Struggling to Get Pregnant? You'll Relate to Brie Bella's Story

Brie Bella is expecting her first child, but her road to pregnancy wasn't an easy one. She opened up about her fertility struggles during a recent episode of Total Divas.

For some women, getting pregnant is easy as pie. One month of semi-timed intercourse and BAM—you have a baby on board.

But as much as this might seem like the norm, the reality is that for many, many women out there, the positive pregnancy test takes time, patience and a few heartbreaking negative results along the way. And Brie Bella is among the latter.

Fit Pregnancy and Baby's cover girl is expecting a daughter, but a recently aired episode of her show, Total Divas, shows the star before she successfully conceived. The episode reveals that she even visited a holistic specialist to better understand her issue—and we can only imagine this came after several months of trying and countless doctor's appointments. 

"Since I retired from the ring, which was in April, I've been trying to conceive," Brie says in the show's clip. "My period's always been on time, never had anything abnormal. Since I've been trying my period's either two weeks late, it's a week late, it's three days late, five days late, it's crazy...I don't know if it's something where I am conceiving but maybe there's something going on with my body and it's just not dropping it?"

Brie's experience is totally relatable: So many women out there have no explanation as to why they're not conceiving and seek out answers from multiple sources—and that point about suddenly experiencing irregular periods when you start trying to conceive? Yeah, that's very real for so many women out there.

We're so happy that it ultimately worked out for Brie, who told us all about the joyful moment she learned she was pregnant. "...Someone told me, ‘Wow, your boobs look really big.’ I thought that I was PMS-ing, not realizing I was a week late," she told Fit Pregnancy and Baby. "I waited a couple more days, and then I felt in my heart that I needed to take a test. After months of negatives, I just figured it would be negative. When I saw the positive—you know, I’m an athlete—it felt like I had won a championship! It took my breath away."