Surprise! 'George Lopez' Star Masiela Lusha is Pregnant!

Masiela Lusha is expecting her first baby! The actress shared the news with us exclusively, and she's dishing some details on her pregnancy.​

masiela-lusha-pregnant Ashlyn Kudransky​
The George Lopez Show and Sharknado 5 actress Masiela Lusha has been keeping a little (but growing) secret: She's expecting her first baby!

The star, who is about five months pregnant (and it's a boy!) exclusively revealed the big news to

"We live in a time when women aim to maintain a pre-pregnancy routine, energy, and enthusiasm while expecting," the mom-to-be told "While many women can absolutely juggle both worlds, this should be our time as expectant mothers to indulge in this new chapter without pre-set expectations and without an ounce of guilt if our body simply won't give in the moment. The rules from your body are absolutely rewritten when expecting."

masiela-lusha-pregnant Ashlyn Kudransky​

Q: Congratulations on your pregnancy! How did you find out you were expecting?
“I found out at home. I was calling my doctor and she said ‘I think you need to take a pregnancy test.’ I was a bit apprehensive about taking the test—I wanted to be a yes, but you just never know. When I finally got the results, it felt like a little wave back at me. Like someone saying ‘I’m here.’ As soon as my husband came home, he looked at me and said, ‘You’re pregnant, aren’t you?’ That was it. He beat me to it.”

Q: Had you been planning a family for a while? 
 "We decided we wanted to start a month before I conceived. It happened relatively quickly. I don’t know! We were trying but not trying. We were open to the possibility of pregnancy, but we weren’t trying anything. We wanted to wait maybe six months. I believe the baby was conceived in New York City. It’s already a bicoastal baby!"

masiela-lusha-pregnancy Ashlyn Kudransky​

Q: How did your first trimester go?
 "I read all these online blogs and [talked to] friends…so I was waiting for [morning sickness]. I threw up once, so no sickness—complete exhaustion though. I realized I need to nap every day, at least two hours. I never had to include that in my schedule [before pregnancy]. For a whole week straight, my body just naturally woke up at 4:30 in the morning every morning. I absolutely craved raspberries—I’d have like four raspberries, then go back to sleep. I’d wake up at 6 am—and this was like clockwork—and I’d need a slice of turkey, so I’d grab some turkey. Certain foods just made me want to throw up, which I expected in the first trimester [but]…it happened more towards the second trimester. Every person’s pregnancy is a different experience."

Q: How have you been staying fit through your pregnancy?
 "I love Pure Barre. I’ve been taking it for years actually, and for me it’s one of the most thorough workouts. Pure Barre allows me to implement the barre method, which is ballet, which is what I grew up doing since I was seven. I have that familiarity, but at the same time it tones and stretches more than cardio, which I think for pregnancy is probably the best option. I’ve still been working on my Pure Barre regularly, like every other day. I think that has helped a lot as far as my mood and my energy, and just a sense of progression with my pregnancy—I don’t feel like it’s taken over my life, I can still keep some routine. That’s really important to have when you’re pregnant—your body is not your own, your appetite is not your own. I wake every morning and I’m like ‘well, I’ve never felt that sensation before.’ Every single day is a new experience: Different sensations, different aches. It’s good to have that reliability and routine."

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masiela-lusha Ashlyn Kudransky​

Q: What about working through pregnancy—has it been difficult for you to just keep going every day?
 "Surprisingly it has. I wasn’t anticipating it, especially since during the first trimester I wasn’t sick at all. Definitely leading up to the second trimester, it feels like my body isn’t my own. When I move I have to move differently. I’ve found I can’t sit too long on set. I’m always parched, I always need water, water, water. I have this entirely new perspective on set. I hope that by the time the baby arrives I’ll get that equilibrium back."

Q: How did you keep your pregnancy a secret?
 "I’ve kept my pregnancy a secret until now! My best friend knew, my mom and my husband and my extended family knew. As far as revealing it to other friends…you just never know. You don’t know what to expect with a pregnancy. It was a very special moment for us to have…to figure out our routine and a different lifestyle. I wanted to have that with my husband before we included everyone else’s voices and thoughts and opinions. I’m glad we took that moment for ourselves first."