Tess Holiday Makes an Important Point About Nursing Bras

The plus-size model gets real about the lack of options out there.

Gorgeous plus-size model, mama and frequent brelfie-poster Tess Holiday needs to get something off her chest. 

Like so many new moms out there, the model is just not pleased with the selection of nursing bras out there. And why shouldn't she feel this way? After all, it often seems like the garment industry forgets that moms want to look and feel stylish too...and generic, bulky nursing bras just don't cut it.

It's even harder to find a beautiful, functional nursing bra when you're a plus-size woman. Tess' workaround for this issue? She just sticks to her favorite non-nursing bras, stocks up on them in fun colors and makes it work. 

Tess is clearly a vocal advocate in the movement to #normalizebreastfeeding. Need proof? Take one look at the model mom's Instagram feed—it's chock full of stunning shots of Tess living her life while breastfeeding her son, Bowie, and it's flat-out inspirational to see a woman remain at the top of her game while doing so much for her kiddo. One particular shot earned Tess a lot of well-deserved love: She posted an Instagram pic of herself nursing Bowie on the set of Hollywood Today Live immediately after taping a segment for the show. In the shot, her shirt was pulled up to reveal a really cute bright blue bra.

But after Cosmopolitan ran a story celebrating the photo, Tess came clean about one thing: The bra she had on in the photo was not a nursing bra. "My bra isn't a nursing bra, it's a Torrid push up bra that I've made work for me, because let's face it—supportive & cute options for plus size moms don't exist. Sadly!" Tess wrote in the caption field when she shared Cosmo's post on her Facebook page. 

It's so sad but so true: There are just not enough stylish options out there for nursing mamas—and this is especially problematic for women who fall in the plus-size category. We have to hand it to Tess for making her thoughts on this issue known. Hopefully her post will inspire brands to start working on sexy, supportive nursing bras for all the new moms out there.

Have you found nursing bras that are aesthetically pleasing and functional? Tell us so we can stock up on them too!