The 8 Faces Every Mom Must Master Featuring Elle Walker

Elle Walker, co-founder of What's Up Moms and a Fit Pregnancy and Baby cover mama, demonstrates the eight "mom faces" every mom must master. From the "That's Not Funny!" face to the "I'm Not Eating Anything!" face, see how many you recognize!


I am a locker co-founder of my back problems now you're used a mother had just note this can be the greatest acting job and your life. You're gonna have to learn how to eat when you're feeling board. Certainly you aren't laughing on the inside and allow me to demonstrate how you can. That's not planning they even your kid is doing something hilariously. That's not funny. Even be nice to get your kids to be the public and you can't speak now. I was trying to. That this is somebody face an even playing boxes. You wanna be doing. The scary monster. You know certain. Tonight. More than one kid I had metaphors. There's probably. My. This is so good faith even if you're serving something. You're not. See I'm not eating anything beats everything you can't have. Guitar. On Tuesday. A night. And yeah. I did your mom that when. Thank you so much for watching tonight.

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