Ali Fedotowsky Gets Real About Her Birth Experience, Epidural Fail and All

Ali Fedotowsky revealed more about her rough experience in the delivery room—you'll never believe what happened to this mama.

Ali Fedotowsky Childbirth Story Shutterstock
Ali Fedotowsky certainly didn't have an easy time welcoming her gorgeous daughter Molly! The reality star, who became a mom in July, has been candid about her, shall we say, difficult labor. As we've previously reported, the former Bachelorette star spent more than 20 hours in labor, which is not something we'd wish on any mama. 

But as brutal as Ali's delivery sounded then, we've just heard even more details about the less-than-pleasant experience Ali had when welcoming her baby. 

The reality-star-turned-blogger, who is engaged to Kevin Manno, opened up about her experience during a recent podcast appearance. According to Ali, her labor began a week before her due date—and not because the baby decided to come out ahead of schedule, but because her doctor accidentally broke Ali's water. Crazy, right?

"I don't even know if I’ve talked about this, but my doctor broke my water by accident," Ali told the hosts of The Ladygang. "I was on her table, and she was feeling to feel if I was dilated. And she stuck her finger up there, and she’s like. 'You’re not really. Maybe an inch, a tight inch.' And I was like, 'Can you do that membrane sweep thing?’ I was so over it. So she sticks her fingers up, and they basically like, I don’t know, sweep the inside of you, and 'pop!' It’s like an audible 'pop' and 'gush.'"

This mama definitely didn't have the best luck during childbirth: Ali's epidural stopped working during labor as well. But even moms who have had truly excruciating experiences will tell you: Once that baby arrives, it's all so worth it. While we can totally understand why Ali's story might unnerve you a bit, we hope you won't let it scare you! Her experience was not the norm....but even if you have a rough time delivering your baby, you've got this! The most important thing to remember is that in the end, all the discomfort is nothing compared to what it brings you.