The Surprising Reason Molly Sims Stressed Out About Going Into Labor

See why the veteran mama thought her third delivery was the most stressful.

First-time moms tend to be the most nervous about delivering their children. They hear so much about labor complications, how intensely painful contractions can be and how long the whole process can take, and they aren't sure how they're going to manage it all.

But for Molly Sims, a mother of three, delivering baby number three may have been the toughest one for her. Molly welcomed her first two children early via C-sections because of pregnancy complications—so even though she'd already had two babies, she'd never actually been in labor before. And the former Fit Pregnancy cover girl said she expected her third pregnancy to end with a C-section just like the two before it had.

 “I thought, for sure, this was gonna be a c-section, no problem. You have in your mind, ‘Here’s the date, here’s the plan, it’s gonna be 1-11-17.’ And I know it sounds weird to say that, but as a mom, you just get focused, like lasered in on it," She said in a video in partnership with Awestruck. "I think my husband knew I was in labor when I went to take a shower … he was like, ‘Okay, game on.' I kept pacing. I’m like, ‘Is this labor? Is this not labor?’ It was very confusing, but I was in so much pain.” 

It was labor—and it progressed rather quickly for Molly. "If it gets to nine minutes, go to the hospital,” the doctor had told Molly. “Literally, like 10 minutes later, I was at nine minutes apart,” she recalls. And that meant a sudden rush to take care of things—like calling someone to come take care of their two older children, throwing a few last-minute items into their go bag, and rushing on over to the hospital.

We totally get it: Anything that throws a wrench into your plans can be super scary. Whether it's going into labor before your due date, being forced to give birth in a way that's different than how you expected or even passing your due date with no labor in sight, unpredictability can add stress to any situation.

Molly is happy at home with her beautiful boy, Grey, and we know so many mamas can relate to her story: that how no matter how much you plan (and whether it's baby #1 or baby #3!), it may all go very differently than what you envisioned.