The Upside to Posing in Lingerie Postpartum, as Told by Megan Fox

Megan Fox opened up about posing in lingerie just months after having a baby. And while we can't quite relate, she brings up a pretty good point.

Pre-pregnancy, prenatal, postpartum—regardless of which stage of motherhood she's in, Megan Fox is always stunning. But even someone like Megan struggles a bit to wrap her head around her postpartum body. Her solution to getting comfortable with the changes? Posing in lingerie.

When Megan was approached about a partnership with Fredericks of Hollywood, the star was ambivalent. On the one hand, posing in lingerie is nothing new for Megan—but posing in lingerie just five months after giving birth to her third child? Well, that was something new.

But eventually, Megan accepted the offer, and she found a new reason to embrace her post-baby body in the process. 

"It forces you to love your body as it is, which is a beautiful thing," she tells PEOPLE of the experience. "I didn’t think I was ready but then I was in the pieces and it forced me to go, ‘A woman’s body in miraculous. The fact that I am in lingerie right now and I just had my third human being come out of my body five months ago is incredible.’ I mean, it’s crazy what we’re able to do as women! So that was empowering and unanticipated...I do generally bounce back pretty quick, but it does take a lot of work—I had to work out harder this time than I had to ever work out in my life."

While most of us don't have much experience with booking national campaigns that the entire world will see, the whole notion of taking pride in your postpartum body rings true. We appreciate that Megan admits that the bounceback game takes work (even though she does, by her own admission, have an easier time than most).

Ultimately, we all just have to do the things that will make us feel sexy and beautiful during and after pregnancy. So make like Megan Fox and find the thing that does it for you.