Tia Mowry: My Son Is in the Fibbing Stage!

It's always awkward when you catch someone in a white lie, but it's even harder when it's your three-year-old. Here, Tia Mowry shares how she handles it.

Tia Mowry: My Son Is in the Fibbing Stage!

Mowry, the star of Nickelodeon series Instant Mom, talks to Fit Pregnancy about what to do when your kid discovers how to tell little white lies—and if there's going to be a brother or sister on the way for her son, Cree.

Cree turned 3 last June. As he gets older, have you faced any surprises?

Oh my goodness, yes! He's in the lying stage now. Mommy goes to work, but he wants Mommy's attention, so he'll pretend that something's wrong. He just told me, "Mommy! A bee stung my neck!" He doesn't know that if a bee stung his neck, you'd see the stinger—and he'd be screaming at the top of his lungs! When he told me that, I had to laugh.

That is so funny! Do you use those moments as a lesson about always telling the truth?

At first I console him so he knows I care. But then I say, very calmly, "Guess what, Cree? A bee did not sting you," and explain to him that he shouldn't say that when it's not true. You need to talk to kids like they're tiny adults, because they are.

Being a twin, you grew up with a built-in playmate. Do you ever think about a sibling for Cree?

I grew up in a household with four kids: myself, my sister and my two brothers. I'm 8 years apart from my closest brother, but I grew up side-by-side with my sister and I had this partner in crime, and Cree does not have that. If he's with a babysitter or with me, that's great, but kids need to be around other kids. It stimulates them, and helps build their personalities. I made a point to start him in school young—he started transitional classes when he was 2—so he's always around kids that way. He also has a lot of playdates. I've noticed that it helps him with sharing, and with how to communicate. That said, Cory and I, we want to have another child. I don't think I could allow Cree to be an only child.