TV's Megan Alexander: 'Formula Works for Me'

Inside Edition and Thursday Night Football host Megan Alexander is going back to work a month after giving birth. She tells Fit Pregnancy how (& why) she'll do it.

TV's Megan Alexander: 'Formula Works for Me'

Megan Alexander, the Inside Edition host and CBS Thursday Night Football correspondent, gave birth by C-section on July 30 to a baby boy—the appropriately-sporty-named Catcher Brian. He is little brother to her and husband Brian's 4-year-old son Chace.

As part of her high-profile television gig, Alexander spends her time commuting between Nashville, where she lives, and New York City, where she shoots her show, not to mention the fact that football season has her traveling all over the country to cover NFL games.

In the wake of her birth, the busy mom caught up with Fit Pregnancy to discuss how she kept in shape all nine months, her best tips for traveling while pregnant and how she's preparing to get back to work a mere month after having her son. (Hint: She won't be breastfeeding.)

Fit Pregnancy: Congrats on becoming a mom for the second time! Catcher is such a unique name. What made you choose it?

Megan Alexander: The movie Down with Love came out in 2003. In it, the actor Ewan McGregor plays the lead male character named "Catcher Block." I immediately loved that name! I think it's very debonair and a throw-back to those classy times. When we were choosing baby boy names, I suddenly remembered it and it became one of our final choices. When our baby boy was born, I took one look at him and said: "He looks like Catcher." And so we named him "Catcher Brian."

FP: You do a ton of flying for your job. What are your tips for traveling when pregnant?

MA: You gotta stay hydrated, you gotta move and you gotta pack light. I always try to get the aisle seat and I only do a carry on. I go very concise: one or two pairs of shoes goes with everything.

FP: You plan to be back to work covering Thursday Night Football next month. How will you manage going back so soon after giving birth by C-section?

MA: The grandparents are coming in to help with the baby and son and my husband is actually going to go with me to that first game, just so I can have somebody help me with my suitcase. I'm the type of person who likes having something to look forward to. I think I'll always be a working mother; I think that's just the way I was created.

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FP: You formula-fed Chace, and you plan to do the same thing for Catcher. What made you go with formula instead of breastfeeding?

MA: I started talking to my mother who used formula with me and my sister, and she said, "You know, it was just something that worked well for me; and your father and I could split the duties 50/50, taking turns every other night with the baby." I talked to my husband and I was like, "I really like that. Is that something you'd like to do?" And my husband was totally supportive and said whatever you think is best. My mother doing it really empowered me to think, "Hey, I turned out OK, my sister turned out OK, I'm going to do it, too." So my husband and I just made the decision together and I actually never even tried breastfeeding because I didn't even want to know what I was missing. So we did with Chace and it worked well for us, with our lives and who we are. With my second child I can't think of doing anything differently so we're going to do it again.

FP: Did you have a fitness routine while pregnant?

MA: Yeah, my husband and I are both big fitness people and I've tried really hard to stay in shape during pregnancy. I think just working in New York City is huge because you walk everywhere. I've done water aerobics this time around, which has been great. Normally I do a lot of boot camps, kick-boxing and step, but it's kind of humbling when you're in a step class at 6 1/2 months and you just can't finish the class anymore. That happened to me. That's when I made the switch to water aerobics.

Pregnant and travelling with her son Chace

FP: Do you have a postpartum fitness plan?

MA: You bet. There is a gym down here in Nashville called D1. It's really incredible: It's like a cross fit facility, just a very full-body workout. As soon as I get the green light, I'm going to jump into their low-impact [class] and then slowly work my way back up [to high-intensity]. It's something I've really got to think about, being on TV.

FP: Do you find having to go straight back on TV after being pregnant daunting, what with all the pressure women have to lose their baby weight?

AM: Absolutely. I tried to eat healthy during pregnancy knowing that it was coming, but at the same time, it's a moment in life that will never come again and when I think about it, I just try to say, "Hey, thank goodness for clothes like black pants and sleek blazers that hide everything."

The family at the hospital after Catcher was born