Vendela on baby No.2


Swedish supermodel Vendela has made the leap from fashion to film, with roles in Batman & Robin and The Parent Trap. However, when we chatted on the phone with the world-class cover girl, she was nine months pregnant and busy being mom.

Vendela: Please excuse the noise; my daughter's baby sitter is late. Fit Pregnancy: Ah, the glamorous supermodel at home. Julia is 2 1/2 now? V: Right. You know, when I was pregnant with her, I was relaxed. I read a lot of books, got massages. Now, I'm due in two weeks, and I haven't had time to think about being pregnant. FP: So how has parenting changed your life? Other than bringing you in close proximity to Play-Doh. V: Well, I'm a lot calmer, even though it doesn't look like it now. I don't get as worked up about things. I've always been extremely ambitious, but after Julia was born, I didn't feel like working. All I wanted to do was stare at my baby. And I kept forgetting things, which normally I'd never ever do. I'm usually very organized. (To Julia) No, honey. Let's not draw on the bed. FP: Speaking of organization, have you been nesting? Have you gone into housecleaning overdrive? V: Oh, God, that's all I've been doing. Cleaning and buying. Cleaning and buying. I've gone through every closet and thrown things away. And my husband's saying, "Do I get to keep anything?" FP: Buying what? V: Just baby stuff. But I've gone a little crazy. My accountant called and said, "Vendela, about your American Express bill ..." FP: Uh, oh. Time to chill, girlfriend. V: I know. But none of it's for myself. I mean, I used to love clothes. Now if I have an important meeting, I think, "Well, I guess I should wear something nice." But I'm not that into it, whereas before, I took clothes and how I looked really seriously. FP: Any pregnancy blues? V: Absolutely. I cry at everything. Like yesterday, I was upset, thinking, "How am I going to balance my career and my kids? What am I going to do with the rest of my life?" FP: And your answer was? V: After my baby is born, I'm going back to acting. But even though I have every support economically, it's very hard to work and be a mother. If your child gets sick, you drop everything. You have to. I don't know how single moms do it. FP: In terms of work conflicts, you do realize that one day Julia is going to be shocked to find that her nice mother is also Mrs. Freeze, the villainess of Batman & Robin. V: (Laughing) I guess so. But it was fun to play the bad person.

FP: Gotten any peculiar baby gifts? V: Nothing strange. But I got two baby joggers. They're the best, but I don't need two. And we also have a stroller and a tricycle. They're all in our hallway. It looks awful. FP: Possibly you could open a babies' used-car lot. Speaking of joggers, how are you staying fit? V: At first I did my normal workout: weights, plus I ran three or four miles in Central Park. In my third trimester, I decided to just swim. So now I swim three times a week. And chasing my daughter at the park is a workout. She's always shouting, "Mommy! Come on! Come on!" FP: And you say, "If Mommy moves any faster, she's gonna deliver the baby right here on the merry-go-round." V: Yep. FP: What about food cravings? V: Swedish chocolate, definitely. My mom's been sending it to me. Also vinegar. Right now, I put vinegar on everything. Meat, fish, whatever. FP: We're talking balsamic here? V: Balsamic. But no particular brand; I usually buy the bottle that looks the prettiest. Dumb but true. (Julia holds up her arm and hand, which she has now colored bright red. There is also red ink on the carpet.) FP: We can recommend a good spot-remover ... V: Obviously I'm going to need it. FP: What are your aversions? V: Chicken. The look and the smell of it suddenly seemed horrible to me. (Loud crash) Now, naturally, I'm making dinner. FP: Multitasking-R-Us. What's for dinner? V: Cheese tortellini and broccoli. I need something easy, because today has been a crazy day. FP: What? You mean the Play-Doh, red ink and magazine interview? V: Exactly. — Celeste Fremon