We Love Audrina Partridge's Perspective on Internet Haters

The trolls came after Hills star Audrina Partridge—and we loved how she stood up to them.

Audrina Partridge - Internet Trolls  David Livingston/Getty Images
Guess the old saying of "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything" doesn't really apply to the internet—where many moms face some really brutal bullying and shaming.

That's what happened when former Fit Pregnancy cover girl (and ex The Hills star) Audrina Partridge welcomed her beautiful baby Kirra Max with her then-fiance Corey Bohan in 2016. She was shocked when she received some really unwanted criticism from the internet horde. "A lot of people gave me a hard time for having a baby before getting married, but who are they to judge?" she told Momtastic. And it also boggled her mind that her birth was under scrutiny as well. "I never thought that I would be judged about something like that. I had no choice; I had to have a C-Section. I would have loved to have had her naturally but it was just impossible. She was bigger than we thought and she couldn’t turn. It’s really strange to me that people are so opinionated about how someone else gives birth."

Maybe we can all make a New Year's resolution to be a little nicer?

But Audrina seems to have a good perspective on the whole thing, that every mom could take when they feel like they're under fire. "You always have those few haters who are going to be negative in every situation. At the end of the day nobody is perfect. You have to do what’s good for you."