What Baby Names Should Beyoncé Pick?

Now that Blue Ivy's about to become a big sister, we need to settle on some stellar names that work for her siblings.

Beyonce Baby Names Brooks Kraft/Getty
With Beyoncé's big baby announcement (times two!), there's lots of speculation—about due dates, the babies' sexes, and of course, what they'll name those two little ones. What direction will they go, after giving their first daughter the trendsetting color name, Blue Ivy? (Which, incidentally, appears to have been inspired by a passage from Rebecca Solnit's  novel, A Field Guide to Getting Lost—by or Jay-Z's The Blueprint and Beyoncé's album 4, which also inspired their "IV" wedding tattoos.) 

Odds are, they'll look for another set of meaningful names that complements their choice of Blue. Here are a few possible contenders:

Another nature name

Ivy was a cool, less common nature name pick for the middle last time around. Perhaps this time, they'll move the nature reference into the first position. Maybe the floral backdrop has a clue: Floral names have become more trendy, from the ever-popular Rose to Iris, Dahlia, and even Peony. Ferns feature prominently in the backdrop—and that would be another fun and unique botanical option.

The beach seems pretty popular with this pair—they named their music streaming service Tidal, and they're regularly spotted vacationing in exotic seaside locales. Names like Dune, Oceane, Moana, or Kai could pay homage to their passion for the shore.

Of course, they could take a page from their pal Gwyneth Paltrow and go with a fruit-themed name: Citron means lemon—a la Beyoncé's awesome Lemonade, or there's Cerise (cherry), or Quince.

Hopeful names

I don't necessarily see them picking names like Hope or Faith, which are sweet, but a little too common. Perhaps something more exotic that shares a similar sentiment: True, Kismet, Zen or Haven seem more their speed. Or they could go with a name that shares that same sentiment in a more subtle way, like Asha, which means life, Suki (love), Nova (new), or Paloma or Paz (peace).  

Names with historical meaning

Beyoncé and Jay-Z could move away from word names and into names with cultural resonance. It'd be cool to go with names from the Harlem Renaissance, like Zora (in honor of author Zora Neal Hurston) or Langston in homage to Langston Hughes. Several celebs have gone with names like Royal or Prince for their kids, but perhaps King—as in Martin Luther King, Jr.—would be cooler for Queen Bey. And of course, she could pay homage to their friend, President Barack Obama.

What do you think Beyoncé and Jay-Z should name their twins?