Whitney Port Admits What We All Sometimes Think: 'I Love My Baby But I Hate My Pregnancy'

A new video series features reality star Whitney Port getting REAL about the downsides of pregnancy. Spoiler alert: It's all kinds of relatable.

Pregnancy is a blessing that not every woman has the privilege of experiencing, but let's not sugar coat it: Pregnancy is not all rainbows and sunshine. It can also be a real pain (literally and figuratively).

It's natural to not be in love with every part of your pregnancy, and hating the morning sickness, exhaustion and achiness so doesn't make you a bad mom.

That's why we're totally on board with the name (and content) of The Hills alum Whitney Port's new pregnancy-themed YouTube series. The former reality star is getting real about the experience of carrying her first baby—she even dubbed the series "I Love My Baby but I Hate My Pregnancy." It's something not every woman will admit, but pregnancy is not always fun, and voicing that shouldn't be such a taboo. Unfortunately, though, so many women put pressure on themselves when they don't enjoy every single step of the process. Let's not forget: Hating the less pleasant aspects of pregnancy does not mean you love your baby any less.

The second installment of the series features Whitney opening up about how she found out she was pregnant. The former Hills star was all set to have an MRI and decided to double-check to make sure she wasn't pregnant before heading into the procedure, which is a big no-no. She didn't dance around the fact that she wasn't expecting a positive pregnancy test or pretend the news didn't freak her out a little bit. And honestly? There are definitely women out there who can relate to Whitney's ambivalence about the news and fear that might not be ready for motherhood.

It appears Whitney will record more of these videos, and we really hope she keeps the candor coming. Pregnancy isn't all about glowing skin and adorable baby bumps and uninterrupted joy. It's about time someone finally owned up to that.