Whitney Port Defends Her 'I Hate My Pregnancy' Videos (But She Shouldn't Have To!)

Whitney Port caught some flack for posting super real videos about her pregnancy. But we say, speak your mind, mama!

Whitney Port February 2017 Michael Stewart/Getty Images
Like so many women out there, Whitney Port is less than thrilled with certain parts of her pregnancy—and when she released a video series entitled "I love my baby but I hate my pregnancy," we totally got the reality star's point. Pregnancy is tough...and for some women it's really, really tough. It's OK (totally OK!) to not love every minute.

But not everyone was on board with the nature of these videos: Whitney opened up about reactions to the series, and let's just say they weren't all positive. 

"Obviously, hate is a strong word and really polarizing. I got some backlash from my mom, who is very sensitive to how I'm dealing with my pregnancy, and it upset her," Whitney told TODAY. "But I am very candid and honest about the fact that the pregnancy, both physically and emotionally, has not been an easy process for me. Dealing with the extra hormones and being very sensitive to everything and feeling outside pressures. And physically, with my changing body, not having control over that... morning sickness, exhaustion, aversion to food, broken blood vessels, bloody noses. All of these things that are not very fun."

We've said it once and we'll say it again: We're huge fans of Whitney's candor. At the same time, we can see why not everyone is into her videos. 

Whitney's point about her mom not loving them is actually a great one. Total openness where issues like pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage and postpartum healing are concerned is a very new concept—nowadays you have moms coming forward to make once-taboo confessions about their struggles—and that may be a new and uncomfortable topic of conversation for some people.

There's also the fact that every pregnancy feels different. While some women 'hate' their pregnancies, others love being pregnant—it all depends on each person's individual experience. And sure, we see why women who are struggling with fertility issues may not appreciate those types of statements.

But overall? We 're into her honesty. Coming clean about such an intimate issue is never easy, and reactions to these comments will never be universally positive—but let's let pregnant women take charge of their own experiences and encourage them to express what they're feeling.