You'll Never Guess What Ashton Kutcher Wants to Name His Second Child

The actor has a, shall we say, unusual name picked out for his son—but wife Mila Kunis already shot down his pick.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Todd Williamson/Getty Images
Celebrities might be notorious for giving their children original monikers, but as it turns out, one famous mama has her limits when it comes to unconventional baby names.

The mother in question? Mila Kunis, who opted for a unisex choice for her firstborn, a daughter named Wyatt. Will the actress, who is expecting her second baby with husband Ashton Kutcher, stick to something more tried-and-true for the couple’s second? It might appear that way—reportedly, Mila shot down the offbeat name her husband suggested.

Ashton appeared on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, where he revealed that the couple has chosen a name for their son, who they're set to welcome in just a few weeks. Though he wouldn’t share the exact choice, we do know one thing: The baby won’t be named “Hawkeye,” much to Ashton’s chagrin.

Ashton made a case for the name, saying: “A kid named Hawkeye, it could be M*A*S*H*-y, like he could be a doctor," a reference to the namesake character from the classic TV show and movie.

Unfortunately, his pregnant wife didn’t see it that way. “Hawkeye Kutcher, it didn’t fly, it didn’t cross the Mila threshold, it came to the threshold but it got knocked out,” Ashton shared.

It might sound like a name that comes out of left field, but let’s not forget that Iowa, which happens to be Ashton’s home state, boasts a college football team with the same nickname. Taking a cue from the sports world when choosing a baby name is nothing new—we don't think it's a coincidence that the name "Wrigley" got trendy so soon after the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

For now we'll have to wait to see what name Ashton and Mila ultimately go with for baby no. 2—and since the couple is notoriously private, we might be waiting a while before news breaks. In the meantime, we'll just be over here, holding on to hope that they pay homage to their That '70s Show beginnings and go with the name "Kelso."