Facebook Posts All New Moms Should Read

Forget newsfeeds full of perfect parenting moments! Share what your life as a mom is really like using the hashtag #momIRL and tag us @fitpregnancy.

Facebook Posts All Moms Should Read Sofie Delauw/Corbis

Some days Facebook can feel like a crock. When we only post the happiest, funniest, most drool-worthy parts of our days, pretending everything is perfectly smooth—it's the equivalent of creeping out of bed 20 minutes before your lover awakes so you can apply concealer and brush your teeth, then silently slip back under the sheets just in time for him to marvel at how naturally beautiful you are, even at seven o'clock in the morning. It's life on Spanx.

But while an airbrushed life might make for a pretty timeline, it can make everyone else feel like crap. How am I supposed to believe I'm doing a decent job feeding my child if my best friend from third grade is serving her kids homemade vegan pancakes in the shape of a koala bear, complete with organic blueberry eyes and raw macadamia nut claws? How can I truly enjoy my Saturday when my coworker is captioning a picture of a dreamy sunrise with "Embrace your destiny," just as I'm wiping spit-up out of my cleavage? And when my friend's cousin posts a filtered photo of herself looking like Taylor Swift's only slightly older sister, it does not make me feel good that my own current skin tone, if bottled by Clinique, might be called "Sallow." I think moms are especially vulnerable to the sort of confidence fatigue that comes with Fakebooking. The truth is, being a mom IRL is much different than what pops up in our news feeds. So in the spirit of true sisterhood and no-holds-barred honesty, here are Facebook posts that I'm thinking I just might have to share:

  • "Sometimes my daughter pees on me but I don't have the energy to change, so I'm just going to keep wearing this shirt all day long, including out in public and maybe even to dinner."
  • "Does anyone know how to get poop off of a pink wall?"
  • "At a wedding and my milk just let down as I passed the fancy cheese plate."
  • "Nipple cream, Tucks, Astroglide: The trifecta of postpartum sexiness!"
  • "Picked a booger today. Wasn't my own."
  • "Who needs an iPad for entertainment when you can spend an entire afternoon peeling cradle cap off your baby's head?"
  • "If I had saved all of the postpartum hairs that have fallen out of my head over the past four months, I'd have enough for a weave to help cover up my new bald spot."
  • "If peeing while sneezing is wrong, I ain't ever gonna be right."

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