Dad of Daughters Faints When He Sees Blue Gender Reveal

A dad who has four daughters found out he's finally going to have a son at his gender reveal—and his reaction was one of the funniest we've seen.

Dad of Daughters Faints When He Sees Blue Gender Reveal THEREBBEL84/YouTube

The parents of four girls are finally going to have a son—and judging from the father's reaction, this is something he's been wanting for a long time now.

According to WGN, the parents asked their doctor to write down the sex of their fifth child and place it in a sealed envelope so they could be surprised at their gender reveal party. They ordered a cake and had the inside baked to reveal blue or pink, depending on whether they were having a boy or girl—and when they finally cut into it, they were ecstatic to see blue cake.

The dad was especially excited about the prospect of finally becoming the father of a son. In a video of the gender reveal party, the couple's friends can be heard chanting: "It's a boy! It's a boy!" Sure enough, a slice into the cake revealed that it is, in fact, a boy. The father sees this, rejoices for a second, then promptly faints.

It's one of the best, most hilariously genuine reactions to a gender reveal we've seen. Ever.

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