Dad Fights for Right to Diaper-Changing Tables

Dad blogger joins the ranks of Ashton Kutcher and Senator Brad Hoylman in fighting for a man's right to change diapers in public bathrooms. Here's why it matters...

Dad Fights for Right to Diaper-Changing Tables Halfpoint/Shutterstock

There's always a lot of talk about gender equality in parenting: Who gets up more? Who's the bad cop and the good cop? Who has better benefits? Are moms taken less seriously in the workplace than dads? And while women often get the short-end of the stick, it's the dads who don't have equal access to diaper duty.

At least in public restrooms.

But that's where stay-at-home dad of two boys, Scotty Schrier is trying to make a difference. Like celeb dad Ashton Kutcher and Senator Brad Hoylman, Schrier is upset that so few men's restrooms offer changing tables for fathers. In an interview with a local Florida NBC station, Schrier said: "Being the involved dad, I'm like, 'Yeah honey, I got this,' you know, so I grabbed the diaper bag, I grabbed the kid, and it never dawned on me that I might walk into the bathroom and there wouldn't be a changing station."

Oftentimes, Schrier says, he ends up changing his son on the sink counter or even worse, on the floor with a changing pad. Aside from the icky health factor, what message are stores sending by not giving men the option to care for their children? To bring attention—and hopefully make a big impact—Schrier created a blog called Dads Who Change Diapers that highlights businesses that offer changing tables in public restrooms. Dads can enter their zip code and find stores with changing tables within a 20-mile radius.

While it stinks that diaper duty is even harder for dudes, we have to give major props to this pops trying to make parenting a little easier for dads everywhere.

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