Dad-to-Be Gives Hilarious Rendition of the Classic Pregnancy Selfie

The way this dad just nails the typical belly-bearing pregnancy pose in this photo is priceless.

Sarah M. Bivens posted a belly-baring pregnancy shot to show her social media followers what 40 weeks pregnant really looks like—and while nearly 500 Instagram users "liked" the shot of her fully developed baby bump, her husband, Matthew, had a sneaky suspicion he could outshine her with a photo of his own.

He was right. Matthew decided to recreate his partner's pregnancy pose...and let's just say he really committed. Sure, there's no baby bump in his recreation, but he did copy Sarah's outfit (right down to the rolled-up tank top and bright red headband) and pose to a T. 

Sarah shared a side-by-side composite of her photo against Matthew's with her followers. So far, the photo has been liked over 3,000 times: Matthew FTW.

"Let me recreate one of your photos and see how many likes it gets!" said Matthew, according to his wife's caption. who isn't the first dad to upstage his pregnant partner with a hilarious photo.

It looks like this fun couple will have to call upon their humor very soon—according to a post on Sarah's feed, they welcomed their daughter, Maya, on September 11 in a home birth. She also announced that she and Matthew will launch a podcast detailing their experiences with home birth and new parenthood. If the podcast is half as entertaining as their hilarious photo, we'll definitely be tuning in—will you?