Dad Upstages Pregnant Fiancée in Hilarious Photo Shoot

Dad humor at its finest.

We've seen all kinds of maternity photo shoots: funny, emotional, steamy, quirky, artsy—but we can't quite say we've ever seen one like this. What sets this particular shoot apart from the others, you ask? Well, for starters, it's the dad-to-be who steals the show from his pregnant partner.

Jessica Velez enlisted Brandon Moreland of Florida-based Bran85 Photography to snap photos of her during her pregnancy, but she and her bump didn't stand a chance against her hilarious fiancé, Lewis Mohorn.

According to the The Huffington Post, the shoot started in a more serious fashion. The couple even chose the theme "blessed" to represent their story. Then, Mohorn decided to take off his shirt, and that's when things got silly. One shot—a portrait of the couple—has been retweeted more than 31,000 times. 

“I encouraged him to take the shot holding his belly next to his fiancée, and he embraced it,” the photographer said. “Most guys with a beer belly wouldn’t be so comfortable, but he is comfortable in his own skin.”

The couple got a few shots with their other children as well, but it's the sight of Mohorn grinning wide, his hands on his exposed belly that have the internet's attention. 

Moreland told The Huffington Post he was "honored" to shoot the family. It's been a career highlight for him, second only to the time he shot the Miami Heat basketball team. 

Moreland and Mohorn grew up together and the photographer shared that Mohorn has always been "a funny guy." It's a good thing, too: Anyone who's ever been pregnant knows that a supportive partner who has a sense of humor can make the whole process much, much more enjoyable.