Dads Are NOT on Board With This Onesie's Design

A father posted a photo of a onesie that suggests men don't know how to parent. He's calling BS on it, and we can't help but agree.

It's time to do away with the unfair stereotype that dads don't know what they're doing where raising children is concerned. We need to stop referring to them as "baby sitters" when they take care of their own kids. We need to stop commenting on how "sweet" it is when a dad takes on a basic parenting responsibility. We need to start demanding changing tables in men's bathrooms (because news flash: dads change diapers, too).

And we need to stop buying things that insinuate that men are clueless when it comes to parenting. To this effect, a father recently posted a photo of a onesie he came across while out shopping, and it's gaining some major attention on Reddit's forum for dads.

The garment is labeled as "daddy-proof," and it features images of arrows pointing out where everything goes: There's an arrow pointing towards the neck opening and each arm opening, and one pointing downwards to indicate where the onesie gets snapped. It is, in the original poster's opinion, a bunch of bull. 

This shirt is bullsh*t. from daddit

Fellow fathers have expressed similar feelings about the shirt in the post's comment section. "Expected it to actually be funny. I agree, this is stupid. Hate the stereotype that dads can barely hold it together with kids. I am a super involved dad. Like someone else mentioned - we don't babysit, we parent too," one father wrote. 

Another added: "This is like when I took my kids to the aquarium while my wife was a out of town and recieved [sic] tons of comments about 'where's mom?' and 'you have your hands full' my kids are pretty well behaved and we had a good time with no incidents, but I was a bit annoyed."

A stay-at-home dad weighed in as well. "Yeah, so tired of it," he wrote. "Go for a walk with my daughter and inevitably I am asked why I'm taking care of her instead of mommy. My favorite, 'Did your wife not want to become a stay at home mom?' That was in response to finding out I was a stay at home dad."

Now, pretty much all new parents are thrown for a loop at some point, and many of them are going to feel like they need instruction manuals. And sure, the onesie's design was probably meant to be funny and cute—but it hints at long-held gender stereotypes that really, really need to go.