Dads, Pack Your Diaper Bags: Changing Stations Made Available in Men's Rooms

President Obama just signed an act that makes changing stations more readily available to new fathers.

Dads will have access to more diaper changing stations David Pereiras/Shutterstock
Whether you're a single father, a stay-at-home dad, or simply a devoted male parent, you're probably familiar with the following scenario: You plan an outing or attempt to run errands with your baby...and then struggle to change him or her thanks to the lack of diaper changing stations made available to new fathers. If you've experienced this, you're certainly not alone—everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Senator Brad Hoylman have been vocal about why dads deserve designated spaces to change their children when out of the house as well.

And now it looks like these dads—and countless others—will get what they want. President Obama signed a bill that will make it much easier for dads to change their children during outings, and it is absolutely a game changer—not to mention a sign of progress.

The Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation Act mandates that public buildings must have changing stations in both male and female restrooms. The stations must be deemed safe and sanitary by the General Service Administration as well.

Unfortunately, this bill only applies to bathrooms in public buildings (think post offices, the DMV, courthouses), but this is definitely a step in the right direction. It  makes us wonder why this has taken so long, though: The nature of fatherhood has changed—dads are becoming more and more involved in the parenting process, just as moms take on more responsibility outside of the home. It's crazy to think a father would encounter such a major logistical issue when out with his child—but we're so glad to see this is finally shifting.