Deaf Husband Finds Out He'll be a Dad

Prepare to cry all the tears and feel all the feels when you see how this deaf man reacts to his wife's surprise pregnancy announcement. It's adorable!

Deaf Husband Finds Out He'll be a Dad Arabesc/YouTube

Sweetest. Video. Ever. And we've seen our fair share of sweet videos.

YouTube user Arabesc uploaded a video featuring a deaf man as he's presented with a big green gift bag. He opens the bag, discards several pieces of tissue from the top of it and then finds a large bottle, which he looks at quizzically. It doesn't seem like the most interesting video in the world but trust us, it gets there.

You can hear a woman giggling in the background—and that's because she has a big surprise in store. The man finally reaches down past all that tissue paper and finds...a small item wrapped up in even more tissue. He unravels it to reveal a pregnancy test that indicates his wife is pregnant.

And his reaction? Well, see for yourself below.