DJ Plays His Baby's Birth During Radio Broadcast

Talk about a proud dad—this DJ played a live audio of his child's birth over the air during a radio broadcast for his whole city to hear. And it's amazing.

DJ Plays His Baby's Birth During Radio Broadcast Baluchis/Getty Images

Brandon Luttman, executive producer of 106.5 The Arch in St. Louis, just welcomed a new baby—and most of his city knows it.

The D.J. left work early when his wife went into labor but he didn't completely check out of his job at the radio station. Instead he worked with his co-workers to broadcast his child's birth for the whole city to hear. Luttman, who has three other children, narrated the birth over the air. "Things are happening," Luttman said. "We're about to bring a baby into the world, and I'm going to have little to nothing to do with it."

When Luttman saw his baby's head make its way into the world he exclaimed: "There's the head! A little boy! A big boy!" After a few quiet seconds—which are frankly a bit scary, as we had no idea what was happening at that time—viewers heard the baby's first cry.

Luttman's wife handled the whole thing with remarkable calm, barely making a sound through labor, and anyone who listened to the broadcast can easily sense how proud Luttman was of her throughout the four-and-a-half minute segment.

Luttman and his wife welcomed a baby boy named August, who weighed in at over nine pounds. You can listen to the whole thing right here.

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