Excited New Dad Posts Selfie While Wife Gives Birth

Denver Dad-to-be Gil Solano snapped a (brave) selfie while he wife gave birth in the background. Needless to say, the image has gone viral. Would you allow it?

Excited New Dad Posts a Selfie While His Wife Gives Birth Gil Solano/Imgur

Is this what giving birth in the digital age looks like?

Denver dad-to-be Gil Solano posted a selfie that has gone viral—not because of how he looks or because he's trying to make a huge social statement—but because of what's going on in the background of the photo. You can clearly make out Solano's wife in a hospital bed as he poses in the foreground. Here's the crazy part: Solano's wife is actually giving birth in the photo.

But before you accuse Solano of violating his wife's privacy or neglecting such a major moment in his own life in favor of taking a selfie, consider this: According to Solano's caption on Imgur, his wife (sort of) asked for the photo. "My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born today. So I took one," he writes.

According to Buzzfeed, Solano took the photo on Monday as his wife, Sarah, was giving birth to their daughter, Eva. Buzzfeed also reports that the couple has been married since May 2014 and found out Sarah was pregnant while living abroad in Spain. He reportedly snapped the picture just minutes before Eva was born after Sarah's brothers asked how the labor was going. It seems like Solano decided to show them an image of how it was all proceeding instead of telling them.

For her part, Sarah seemed fine with the picture. Despite tweets from people who seemed convinced Sarah would "kill" her husband when she saw the photos, Solano assured Buzzfeed that his wife was a good sport about the whole thing. "She thinks it's hilarious that people would expect her to respond like that when she thinks the picture itself is so funny," he said.

How would you feel if your partner took a photo of you during labor? Would you think it's funny like Sarah did? Or would you be furious?

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