Hold the Phone: Do You Really Need This Baby Bottle Accessory?

Ready to multitask when you're feeding your baby? This might be something to add to your baby shower registry (or maybe not).

Swipe and Feed baby bottle accessory Courtesy of Swipe and Feed/Kickstarter
Feeding your baby is an incredible bonding experience—you've certainly heard that before, right? And while you've almost certainly experienced that intense rush of love that comes when you hold and feed your baby, the fact of the matter is that sometimes, baby feeding can feel a bit, well, mindless. 

But would you ever prioritize checking your cell phone over staring into your baby's sweet little face while feeding him or her?

If you're juggling other responsibilities against parenting, you may be a master at multitasking—and the fact that it's hard to do anything else while feeding your child could stress you out (or make you wish for an extra set of hands to allow you to check emails or shop online while you're also taking care of baby). That seems to be the thinking behind a new dad's newly launched device, that allows new parents to look at their phones while feeding their babies. Yes, really.

Swipe & Feed is an accessory that holds your phone and your baby's bottle, positioning both items in such a way that feeding baby while looking at the phone is easy. All parents know having something that essentially acts as an extra hand is always a good thing...but is a device like this one taking things a bit too far? 

The invention's goal is to give parents the flexibility to do more things at once, and we certainly understand the value of that, but we wonder what something like this will do to the bonding experience parent and child enjoy during feeding times. 

Tim Causa, the product's CEO and co-founder, conceived this idea while he was raising his own son, Jack. Causa shared a bit about his experience: "Typically, we bottle fed our son, Jack, almost every hour for 25 minutes at a time. If Jack wasn't sleeping or eating, he was crying inconsolably," he wrote. "When Jack FINALLY went to sleep each night, he would dream feed. I had the night feedings, so for 25 minutes at a time, I was in a dark, quiet room dream feeding my son. Then, it dawned on me, what if I could catch up on work while he fed?"

It sounds like this product can absolutely help parents maximize their limited schedules, and the value of that can't be ignored. With that being said, Reuters reports that smartphones are actually a significant source of stress for parents—and while there's not a whole lot we can do about the factors behind that (it's tough to truly check out of work when your boss expects you to always be available on your cell phone, for example), maybe logging even more phone time would just add to that pressure. 

Would you use something like this? Would you keep the accessory around for extremely busy days only? Do you feel like it would be get in the way of your bonding time with baby?