Husband Tries to CrossFit Like His Pregnant Wife—and Fails

Watch this man fumble through a workout with a baby bump in tow. We think it's safe to say this gave him a strong appreciation for his pregnant wife.

Working out with a full-on baby bump ain't easy—but we're willing to bet Blake Milchuck didn't expect it to be this hard.

Blake and his wife, Kristin, are expecting a baby—and according to Self, Kristin has been slaying her workouts despite the fact that she's at the tail end of her pregnancy. Blake decided to see what his wife experiences by strapping on a baby bump and heading to a CrossFit session and...well, let's just say that the results were pretty hilarious. 

Luckily, it was all captured on video for our viewing pleasure—CrossFit Krypton, a gym in Virginia, shared a clip from Blake's 'pregnant' workout session: You can watch him cycle through various exercises with the bump to see how visibly uncomfortable he is.

He's not the first guy to strap on a baby bump for a CrossFit session: As we previously shared, a male trainer did something similar—and he struggled to get used to the way the bump dictated his movements too. 

But let's not forget that while these men did experience what it's like to have that unfamiliar, awkward distribution of weight around the midsection, they still can't really understand what preggos face when they hit the gym. There's no pregnancy fatigue, no raging hormonal shift, no fear of hurting the baby to contend with—and while Blake got a pretty good glimpse at how rough adjusting to that bump can be, it's pretty much impossible for anyone to understand what it's really like to navigate the world—and the gym—while pregnant unless he or she is pregnant. 

Do you ever wish your partner could experience what things are like for you during pregnancy—and how hard you have to work to stay in shape while you're carrying a little one? Perhaps your mate can take a cue from this guy, and attempt a workout with a bulky bump.