More Diaper Changing Areas in Men's Rooms—One Actor Dad Puts Out the Plea

Props to Justin Baldoni—the Jane the Virgin actor just challenged gender norms by calling out an airport for its lack of changing tables in their men's bathroom.

It may be 2017, but one thing is clear: We're still battling outdated gender norms, especially where parenting is concerned. The good news? The world is full of parents who work to challenge them at every turn. 

That list includes Justin Baldoni, an actor best known for his work on the show Jane the Virgin. Justin was traveling with his adorable daughter when he noticed something perplexing: There were no changing tables in the men's bathrooms at LAX Airport. 

"Dear @flylaxairport and anyone else who cares. Now that it's 2017 it'd be super awesome to allow men to change our children's diapers in the Men's room because, well...daddies change diapers too. On behalf of dads everywhere, Thanks for understanding," the actor posted on Instagram.

As most parents know, this isn't exactly news that diaper changing facilities aren't exactly created equal. So what's a dad supposed to do if he's out with his kids and one of them needs to be changed?

There's also the message this sort of oversight broadcasts: Not putting changing tables in men's bathrooms makes a statement that men don't need to partake in the responsibilities of parenting. It's right in line with the all-too-common trend of referring to fathers as "baby sitters" when they care for their children, and it excludes same-sex couples as well. 

We appreciate Justin for using his voice to point out that "daddies change diapers too." He's not the only Hollywood dad to take a stand for this issue: Ashton Kutcher famously advocated for changing tables in men's bathrooms. A male blogger followed suit, a senator pushed the issue, and we started to see the beginnings of change. And if we see more dedicated dads like Justin speak out about the importance of this issue, even more progress will (hopefully!) follow sooner rather than later.