New Dad Reacts Pricelessly to Wife's Parenting Instructions

Moms have a tendency to get overly cautious when it comes to their kids—and one dad had the perfect response to his wife's very detailed list of instructions.

New Dad Reacts Pricelessly to Wife's Parenting Instructions

New moms out there understand that when it comes to your kids, you can develop some, shall we say, trust issues? One mom understand this all to well: She left her husband alone with their child—but not before leaving a full, itemized list of instructions in her wake.

The list might seem overly detailed to the some, but it will likely make its author immediately relatable to other moms out there. The mama was leaving town for two full days and wanted to ensure her three-month-old baby was properly cared for, after all.

Luckily, her husband has quite the sense of humor—and instead of taking the meticulously crafted list as insulting, he decided to have a bit of fun with it. He added his own commentary, changed the word "instructions" in the list's title to "recommendations" and penciled in a few questions of his own (examples: "When do I eat?" and "What do I eat?")

See some of his other hysterical edits below.


What do you think of this? While we definitely understand the mom's need to be so thorough, we also know that parenting is something that's better handled with good team work and a ready sense of humor. This woman is lucky to have found a partner who clearly possesses the latter in spades.

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