New Father Freaking Out?

Check Out These Books


Alternadad, by Neal Pollack (Pantheon, 2007). The original hipster dad, Pollack narrates his efforts to balance being a father with being an alt-music lover and artiste with snide panache. Other titles in the genre include Daddy Needs a Drink, by Robert Wilder (Delta, 2007), and Crawling: a Father's First Year, by Elisha Cooper (Pantheon, 2006).

Babyproofing Your Marriage, by Stacie Cockerell, Cathy O'Neill and Julia Stone (Collins, 2007). The trio of authors does a fine job of seeing marriage from both sides of the bed. You'll want to leave the book open to Chapter 6 on your wife's bedstand. Trust me.

Quarterback Dad, by Bobby Mercer with Alison D. Schonwald, M.D. (Adams Media, 2008). Author/dad/coach Mercer tosses out tips on parenting with a tight spiral. The pre-game pep talk is perfect for those dads who prefer ESPN to HGTV.