Police Officer Surprised Dad-to-be With Pregnancy Reveal

Aw! You'll love this story about a police officer who gave a local woman a hand in breaking the news of her pregnancy to her husband.

Is this the next big trend in pregnancy reveals? A video of a police officer giving a man the news he's about to become a father is circulating the Internet. The video is pretty adorable (even if it's not the first of its kind!) and represents a new approach pregnant women can take to surprise their partners with the big news.

The video features a Texas couple, Nikki and Jarred Wright, as they proceed down a local road. They get pulled over, but when the officer approaches the car, it's clear he and the man in the driver's seat are friends.

But that doesn't stop the officer from explaining why he stopped the couple. "The reason why I stopped you is because you got a child in the car with no child seat," he says.

When the man protests and says he doesn't have a child in the car, his wife holds up her positive pregnancy test. "We do have a child in the car with no car seat," Nikki says—and Jarred's reaction makes the entire stunt worth it.

The best part about this story? The dad-to-be had been experiencing some difficulties, and it seems like this news signified a real turning point in his life. News outlets report that Jarred, a veteran, had been experiencing PTSD and anxiety. 

"I felt honored, for one, that she would even allow me to be part of it, because that's a huge moment in anyone's life," the officer, whose name is Todd Colichia told Buzzfeed News. "I hope it works out for them, just like I hope it works out for every soldier who comes back."