Pow! Batman Inspired This Super Pregnancy Reveal

This Batman-inspired pregnancy announcement is soaring to virality—you have to see the photos the couple used to reveal there's a "sidekick" on the way.

There's a tiny superhero on the way for James and Alisha Doherty—and the couple announced their news in blockbuster fashion.

James and Alisha took Batman-inspired photos to reveal Alisha's pregnancy...and not surprisingly, the announcement went viral after James shared it on Reddit. "My wife and I have a sidekick on the way," James wrote to describe a photo of himself and his wife posing in Batman and Batgirl costumes. His wife held a tiny Robin costume for their little one. 

My wife and I have a sidekick on the way from pics

A lifelong love of the iconic superhero led this couple to announce the pregnancy this way. 

"We have both been Batman fans since we were little," James told Fit Pregnancy. "Growing up with the '90's films, we love Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton's portrayals. So because of that, I decided to invest in my first movie quality batsuit a few years ago to begin performing at birthday parties, charity events, fundraisers, local business events, etc. It quickly turned into a big part of our lives. We finished Alisha's Batgirl suit last year to join me at these events. It only made sense to have a Batman pregnancy announcement."

A photo of the couple rocking their suits at an event appears below.

batman-costume-couple James Doherty

Alisha gave her husband news of her pregnancy in a 'super'sweet way. "She drove to my work, which is 45 minutes out of the way, to have lunch with me. I knew something was up. When she showed me the stick I was literally speechless," James said. "Then we had BBQ."

This is the couple's first child, and neither James nor Alisha ever expected the reveal to get the attention it has received. "We figured our family and friends on Facebook would enjoy them, but I had no idea Reddit would play out the way it did," James said. But needless to say, the reveal quickly took flight—and it's one of the most creative announcements we've seen!