Preggo Challenges Husband to Work Out With a Bump, Hilarity Ensues

This pregnant woman and her husband recorded a clip of themselves getting a workout in with their 'baby bumps.' Let's just say the result is pretty entertaining.

No matter how many times we see men trying on a baby bump for size, the results are always entertaining.

That's why a new Instagram video had us LOLing—ultra fit mama Anna Strode shared a clip of herself and her husband working out. Strode is at the end of her pregnancy, but she found a way to level the playing field between herself and her partner: She gave him a baby bump of his very own.

Her husband strapped a ball to his abdomen to simulate the effect of exercising through pregnancy (which, as any woman who has ever been pregnant will tell ya, is definitely not easy). 

He put on a valiant effort—he even managed to execute a series of squats with kettlebells and weights in hand—until he started attempting jump squats, at which point his "bump" fell off and rolled away.

"Challenged the hubby to a #pregnancyworkout," Strode captioned the video. "Let's just say it didn't go so well.... His response as soon as we taped the weighted ball to him was 'OH OUCH, this really hurts your back hey' and yep - that's the reason women have babies and not men."

"[My husband] Rhett often watches me in amazement," Strode told Fit Pregnancy. "He always says ‘I don’t know how you do that’ so I just said, ‘why don’t you give it a try!’ He kind of laughed it off but then I was like, ‘no I’m serious—you need to try this!...I’m not really sure anyone can understand what it’s like until they’ve been pregnant themselves. He did find it a lot more difficult than he thought, however and didn’t realize it would be so uncomfortable and restricting on the body."

This brave dad isn't the first guy to give a bump workout a go—there was also this CrossFit instructor and this man who 'bump'ed through a workout in solidarity with his pregnant wife. 

Mamas, tell us. Have you ever encouraged your partners to see what it's REALLY like to carry a baby-sized object on his belly?