Star Wars Only Thing That Calms This Baby

Forget lullabies. This adorable little baby can only be quieted by The Imperial March from Star Wars...let's just say, it's not what you'd expect.

Star Wars Only Thing That Calms This Baby postolit/Shutterstock

A Texas father posted a video of his sweet baby doing something most babies tend to do a lot of: crying. But unlike most babies, this child is instantly calmed by one very specific song.

And no, it isn't "Let it Go."

The father, Micah Hayman, posted two seperate videos of baby Eli crying, only to stop immediately when "The Imperial March," which is Darth Vader's theme song from the Star Wars franchise, is played.

Don't believe us? See below.

And that's not the only time this has happened:

As it turns out, Eli had always been a Star Wars enthusiast.

Congratulations, Eli. You just might be the youngest—and cutest—Star Wars fan of all time.