Survey Shows Dads Want Better Work/Life Balance, Too

The struggles of working moms usually get most of the media coverage, but a new survey shows that most men want to shift their working schedules so they can spend more time with their kids.

Working Dads Work-Life Balance Halfpoint/Shutterstock
The plight of the working mom—mommy tracking, pumping in the office, lack of affordable childcare and support—certainly hasn't been solved, but definitely gets plenty of media attention. But a new UK survey, the Modern Families Index, has brought attention to another group desperately seeking work-life balance: dads.

According to this survey of nearly 3,000 parents, more than half of dads would move to a less stressful job if it meant they could spend more time with their kids—and 48 percent of those surveyed would even be willing to take a pay cut to make that happen. (Hooray for these involved dads!) Think it's just UK dads? Not so fast: About half of all working dads in the U.S. said they would rather be home with their kids than working in a recent survey.

Unfortunately, while it seems that some companies are finally starting to take notice and provide more family-friendly policies for working moms, dads aren't often feeling that same level of support. One in five of the guys surveyed said their companies expected that caring for their family should not disrupt their work, and men were twice as likely as women to say that they requesting a more flexible schedule could do some damage to their career trajectory.

“Making roles flexible by default, and a healthy dose of realism when it comes to what can be done in the hours available, are absolutely vital,” says Sarah Jackson, chief executive of the charity Working Families.

Allowing both mom and dad better work-life balance could help level one big inequality—both the UK and the U.S. survey find that even in dual-income households, women usually spend double the amount of time on childcare as their male counterparts. I'm sure that's one that we'd all like to see become a little more balanced.