The Hilarious Hack One Dad Uses When Christmas Shopping With a Baby

A father's go-to tip for navigating a busy mall with a baby in tow is pure genius.

Going shopping during the holiday season is not for the faint of heart. But dealing with thick crowds, aggressive shoppers and long in-store lines with a baby?'s a challenge, to say the least.

Jordan Watson knows this all too well— that's why the father devised a hack for taking his little one shopping. Is this something we'd advise you to try at home? No. But it does make for a pretty amusing video.

The video shows Watson holding a bright red balloon, his adorable daughter standing in front of him. That's when Watson, who posts videos on his YouTube channel, How to DAD, shares his hack: He simply ties the balloon to his daughter and lets her do her thing.

"She's fine, I'll show you," the dad says. The video then shows him watching the little one run throughout the mall—she's visible in the crowd thanks to the balloon. It all seems to work like a least until he loses sight of her. Like we said, not something you should try at home, but definitely worth a share.