The Story Behind This Newborn Photo Will Break Your Heart

How one mom honored her baby's late father. 

When you think about your baby's newborn photo shoot, you probably imagine standing side-by-side with your partner, beaming with pride as your little one gets his or her perfect picture taken. But Florida's Kathryn Seable Wiliams had a very different experience. You see, her fiance, Hector, was killed a month before they were set to welcome their daughter, Aubrey, into the world. 

So when it came time for Kathryn to bring Aubrey to Kim Stone Photography for her newborn session, she knew she wanted to honor Hector in some way. Since Hector loved riding motorcycles, the photographer placed little Aubrey in her dad's riding gloves—but no one could have predicted what happened next. 

Anyone who's ever been in the room for a newborn session knows that it can be nearly impossible to get the guest of honor to crack a smile, but Aubrey did just that as she nuzzled up against her father's gloves. For that moment, it was as if she were safe in her father's arms, and luckily, Kim was able to capture it all on film:

The family will cherish this photo and others like it forever, but their heartache is far from over. A blog post on the family's GoFundMe page reads: "Now Aubrey and her mother, Kathryn, must piece together their lives and overcome the daily struggles of life without [Hector] by their side, as well as the financial loss and strain that accompanies this change in life." 

To donate to Kathryn and Aubrey, click here.

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