This Adorable Father-Daughter Workout Will Make You Want to Do Push-Ups

Adorable and effective! #winning

Think a tough workout can't possibly be cute? Think again. This video is here to completely trump all images of someone grunting through a hard circuit

The YouTube clip comes from a California father who understands that being a great dad doesn't mean you have to totally neglect your own health—it just means you have to get really, really creative with how you spend your time.

The video features a man and his gorgeous daughter, who is lying on the floor in a diaper, happy to make her dad's workout a bit more enjoyable. Her father is on the ground as well and every time he goes down for a push-up, he rewards his little girl with a quick kiss. Basically? It's one of the most adorable things we've ever seen...and it also happens to be super practical.

Both dad and daughter look like they're having a great time and after seeing this, we're totally in favor of family workouts. Do you ever workout with your kids in tow

Watch the whole thing here: