This Dad's Hilarious 'Maternity' Shoot Will Make You LOL

A Spanish father posed for a series of tongue-in-cheek 'maternity' photos, and they're pretty amazing. See him take on all the biggest trends in maternity photos in ridiculous fashion.

Maternity shoots are a relatively new concept, with more and more mamas opting to document their pregnancies—but while the trend has taken off like wildfire, here's something you probably haven't seen yet: A paternity photo series of sorts...more specifically, a maternity photo satire that happens to star a father. 

dad-maternity-shoot Martyn Wilkes Photography

Spanish father Francisco Pérez decided to parody the maternity photo trend by posing for his very own session—the hilarious dad incorporated many of the standard maternity shoot staples (think painted belly, flower, crown, long goddess skirt). 

dad-maternity-shoot Martyn Wilkes Photography

Photographer Martyn Wilkes conceived (no pun intended!) the idea for the photos. 

maternity-photo-shoot-dad Martyn Wilkes

“I had been recently doing lots of maternity work, and I wanted to do something different to break things up and have a bit of fun,” Wilkes told The Huffington Post. “I have known [Pérez] for four or five years and admittedly often jested about his rather large stomach, which resembled a pregnant mother."

dad-maternity-shoot Martyn Wilkes Photography

Luckily, Pérez (who has two daughters who are in their 20s) was game to participate in the shoot...and we're glad, because the results were hilarious. The photos were taken last year, but Wilkes recently shared them on his Facebook page—and not surprisingly, they've spread quickly. The dad's good-natured jab at ubiquitous maternity photos is pretty spot-on—and while we'll always swoon over stunning bump shots, we must admit: This shoot is the most entertaining one we've seen!