Time-Lapse Pregnancy Video Captivates Us All

Check out how this dad-to-be put pencil to paper to share the news of his wife's pregnancy is the most creative way possible—by drawing it in a time-lapse video.

Time-Lapse Pregnancy Video Captivates Us All Nick Rollins/YouTube

At-home viewers are going gaga over a new time-lapse pregnancy announcement video—as they should be. It hasn't even been live on YouTube for two weeks, and it's already grabbed the attention of over 185K admirers. The footage starts rolling to the beautiful song, "Million Miles", by Josh Garrels, as dad-to-be Nick Rollins puts his drawing pencil to the paper.

He starts by sketching a portrait of himself hugging his wife Ari-Ann's waist. As he fills out the details of the drawing, he does something totally unexpected. He flips the pencil over, and starts erasing Ari-Ann's belly. After making just a few more edits, the exciting news is revealed—a Rollins baby is expected to arrive in March of 2016!

We think this could be the most creative pregnancy announcement we've seen in a while, wouldn't you agree?