Watch Dads Working Out with Babies? Um, Yes!

Love dads who work out? How about dads who work out with their babies? If these are your idea of the perfect YouTube searches, then you'll want to watch this video.

Watch Dads Working Out with Babies? Um, Yes! Facebook

You've loved your guy right from the beginning, and though parenting isn't easy, seeing your man being an awesome dad? It's basically the biggest turn on ever. That's why we're drooling over this totally adorable video from Fatherly of dads working out with their babies.

As you watch the short clip below, you'll see dads of all ages doing lunges, chest presses, yoga poses and more while holding their children, and ya know, giving them kisses. We know—swoon!

Though these dudes look pretty comfortable swapping dumbells for diaper-wearing cuties, it's funny to see just how far dudes come from when they're first fathers. Remember how scared hubs was to hold baby, but once he fell in love, he's been a sucker ever since? Go, Dad, go—we love you!