When Rocking, Patting and Singing Don't Work

Here are some other options if your normal bedtime routine doesn't work.


If your usual bedtime routine doesn't get your baby to fall fast asleep quickly, here are some other options. Keep in mind that these are temporary solutions. If you use them every night, your baby will get so accustomed to the association, he won't go to sleep any other way.

  • Carry your baby around the house in your arms. Upside: You'll burn a few calories and tone your arms in the process.
  • Put him in his car seat or a sturdy carrier on top of a running clothes dryer. Just don't leave him unattended; the vibration can cause the seat to move and fall off. Upside: There'll be one less load of laundry to do tomorrow.
  • Put him on the floor in his car seat and run the vacuum or the dishwasher. Upside: You'll have clean dishes and floors.
  • Take him for a stroller ride around the neighborhood. Upside: You'll get some exercise.
  • Strap him securely in his car seat and go for a drive. Upside: You'll enjoy the quiet ride.

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