Hearts Melt From Adorable Baby Food Ad

Happy Family, an organic baby food company, released an incredibly touching video ad for their products. You absolutely have to watch this. It will make you happy.

Hearts Melt From Adorable Baby Food Ad Happy Family/YouTube

Every child deserves healthy food. To illustrate that point, food company Happy Family has released one of the most moving and relevant commercials we've seen in a long time.

The ad shows the realities of day-to-day family life: quiet moments spent in bed, the shock of walking into a child-ravaged bedroom, the exhilaration of a little one's first day of school—those are the moments that take center stage in this ad. The video is titled "This is Happy" and the first words of every short vignette it shows start with the words "this is."

The ad takes the viewer through moments so many parents will recognize—the one that involves the start of labor, the one where everything feels so, so hard, the one that centers around holding a new baby for the first time. It's a gorgeous trip down some of life's most poignant moments—but that isn't even the best part of this video.

The most amazing thing is the fact that Happy Family has chosen to feature all kinds of families. There's plenty of racial diversity in the video. There's a same-sex couple. There's a little girl who gleefully introduces her "boyfriend" to her horrified dad. There's a father who takes his child to school. There's representation for many different kinds of families and it's beautiful.

You can watch the whole thing right here.

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